“I Am Potential” Film

premeireI had the pleasure of working on my very first film set a few years ago now. It was the summer before I came to school and I was really excited about working.

The film was called I Am Potential, and was made by a production company in my hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi called American Family Studios. The film was based on the life of Kentucky’s own Patrick Henry Hughes.

During my first few days on set, I began to realize that there were actually loads of Asbury students working there. It was even written and directed by a graduate Named Zach Meinors!

Zach now has his own company and is doing amazing things! Check it out here.

A few more weeks in, the director began to talk to me because he somehow knew I was going to Asbury soon. I was a little intimidated to be talking with him because, well, he was the director! I was pretty much the lowest job (Production Assistant) on set. However,  Zach was extremely kind and made me feel comfortable.

Zach and I surprisingly became pretty good friends throughout the summer.

Fast forward to my freshman year at Asbury, and I get a call from Zach. He tells me that the company he works was impressed by my hard work as a PA (Production Assistant) and they would love to hire me for an internship!

I was blown away.

I spent the next two summers working for AFA for actual, real money. The amazing part was that, in my second summer there, I had the pleasure of doing loads of post production work on I Am Potential.

I even got to work at the Premiere.

“I Am Knightly”

UllrforwebA major part of my life right now is creating my documentary, I Am Knightly. It’s a short piece I am creating for a class with some very close friends that just so happen to share the same passions I do.

I Am Knightly takes a look at a group called the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). The SCA is an organization that seeks to relive medieval culture in modern life. For more information about the SCA, check out their website.

We are currently in the post-production phase of I Am Knightly and it is pretty time consuming for me as I am the editor of the film.

My team and I want to produce the best, highest quality documentary we can, even on a student’s schedule. I hope that this website can keep people updated on the progress of the piece as well as the many other aspects of my life currently.

Thanks for being a part of it.